DONNA SUMMER and GIORGIO MORODER collaborators in music in the late 1970s

'Vibrant Space' series: 'Nightlife. An Oral History of NYC Club Culture'
17 March 2011
Museum of Arts and Design, New York

There are many ways how culture evolves...

On 17 March 2011, the Museum of Arts and Design in New York invites to the discussion 'Nightlife. An Oral History of NYC Club Culture' as part of the series 'Vibrant Space: Environments of Cultural Production'.

By exploring how physical, digital, and physiological environments are forming cultural identity globally, even New York's club culture with prominent examples like Studio 54, the Palladium, and the Limelight is on focus.

"Without these centers for inhabited creativity, such parings as Grace Jones and Keith Haring, Donna Summer and Giorgio Moroder, Madonna and the House of Aviance, could not have taken place."

Video: Donna Summer performs on stage the 1977s disco song 'I Feel Love' with early electronic-techno beats by Giorgio Moroder.

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