Presentation of the designs by the finalists
Anja Umann, Julia Knüpfer, Janosch Mallwitz
on 20 January 2011
at the Römischer Hof in Berlin

Well-dressed with style VS. throw away culture

On 20 January 2011, the German eco-pioneer Hessnatur (founded 1976) invites to the fashion installation of the designs of the three finalists of the 'Humanity in Fashion Award' during the Berlin Fashion Week (18-23 Jan) to the Römischer Hof in Berlin. The idea of the 'Humanity in Fashion Award' is that fashion can be produced/distributed environmental friendly as well as designed in a quality that lasts over seasons.

'Organic & fair' are only two keywords for the award's intention. Even 'design & clothing culture' are on focus of the award with the aim to initiate an end of the 'seasonal throw away culture' and the beginning of a culture of being well-dressed with style and quality over seasons.

The three finalists are Anja Umann who presents her label Umasan with designs that are developed from ideas like timelessness, androgyny, and harmony with nature. Julia Knüpfer's knitwear pieces 'Soft Bonds' are about the relationship of freedom and bonds. Janosch Mallwitz's theme 'Graduation' refers to the term 'graduation', which is used for the successful end of the education at an American High School. He discusses with his designs our collective images of 'eco' and 'consumption'.

Video: Portraits of the finalists of the Humanity in Fashion Award 2011 by Hessnatur: Janosch Mallwitz, Anja Umann, Julia Knüpfer.

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