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music by Plastiscines
fashion by Maison Martin Margiela, Ray-Ban
beauty by MAC Cosmetics

Haute Couture

Haute Couture has changed in the last years. The new generation shows other interests in wearable artworks; they are consuming Haute Couture like modern art. Not the hunger for prestige motivates this new clientele, but the wish to express a new lifestyle appropriately.

Fashionoffice doesn't receive too many press releases which contain fur-clothes. (What makes us very happy!)

On this article, you will find one of the very rare fur pieces which are published on Fashionoffice. The reason therefore is: the quality requirements in Haute Couture are so high (density of the hair, shine...) that they can only be reached when the animals had been reared species-appropriately. And secondly: not everything is reality what you see.

fig.: original from above

Ray-Ban Aviator Craft coloraized by the vocalist Paul Spranger from the US band 'Free Energy', New York, March 2010. The Ray-Ban Aviator Craft is a classical Aviator (originally designed in 1937), dressed up with additional details and a hand-sewn leather trim. This production process and the illustration of the wide horizon by the musician Paul Spranger makes this Ray-Ban Aviator unique.

Jacket made of fur collars and animal-printed scarves, Maison Martin Margiela 'Artisanal' Haute Couture collection, FW2010/11; presented on 5 July 2010 in Paris during the Haute Couture shows. The couturiers at Maison Martin Margiela are masters of recycling: the jacket is not only made of collars which are sewn together. Some parts of this jacket which look like fur are in real polyester scarves. The scarves had been cut into stripes that are ruffled afterwards into 'fur-incarnations'.

Since the label's beginning in 1989, it is the concept of 'Artisanal' to give garments, materials, and objects a 'second life'. Each of the couture-pieces is reworked entirely by hand. Depending on the work process of craftsmanship and the source of the material (found and collected from sources over the world), the clothes become unique - and unexpected "where reality is not exactly what it seems" such as Maison Martin Margiela writes.

'Superglass' lip gloss with the nice name 'Tunnel of Love' by MAC Cosmetics, the limited edition is available in July/August 2010. MAC Cosmetics has sent the information about the vanilla flavored gloss with the announcement of the label's cooperation with the Life Ball (a charity to support people with HIV/AIDS), which happens on 17 July 2010 in Vienna.

Eye shadow 'Style Influencer' from the 'In the Groove' collection by MAC Cosmetics with satin silver, pearly deep blue, satin mauve brown; the limited edition is available in July/August 2010.

Kevin Cummins has photographed the four women of the band Plasticines (music video on top of the page) with artful coloraized Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses in March 2010 in Belleville, Paris. Manchester born Kevin Cummins is a renowned rock ‘n’ roll photographer. For Ray-Ban, he has opened his archive and collected some images of bands like Iggy & The Stooges, The Virgins, Free Energy, Plastiscines... showing them with sunglasses by Ray-Ban: "I’ve photographed people [wearing Aviators] over the last 30-odd years. They’ll wear them in the dressing room. They’ll wear them at night when they go on the street." Additionally, he has taken some new images, like the one you can see on this page.

Video: 'Bitch' by the Paris based band Plastiscines; directed, shot and edited by Bridget Palardy. Images of the Plastiscines are part of a collection by rock ‘n’ roll photographer Kevin Cummins for Ray-Ban. Read more below on this page.

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