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Media information, June 2009

New lifestyle reporter from Dubai and daily audience data  
In June 2009 Fashionoffice launches the publication of daily new traffic as well as audience profile data by Quantcast on fashionoffice.org/contact and introduces the work of editor Caroline Zerrini.

Dubai based lifestyle editor Caroline Zerrini
Lifestyle editor Caroline Zerrini is living in Dubai. She has extensive experience in creating and managing niche publications and cutting edge content. Caroline has spearheaded ‘Text Appeal’, an editorial consultancy service for editors and publishers textappeal.us. In Fashionoffice she publishes articles about Roberto Cavalli’s new club in Dubai, Zaha Hadid’s shoe collection for Lacoste, or the Persian artist Farshid Maleki. The next articles are already in preparation.

Traffic and audience profile data provided by Quantcast
Since 25th May 2009 the advertising inventory of Fashionoffice is published with daily new data by Quantcast on fashionoffice.org/contact.

Quantcast provides direct audience measurement of quantitative traffic data like daily, weekly, or monthly people, visits, impressions, cookies, impressions per person, and visits per person as well as specific audience criteria like demographical data about gender, age, household income, education etc. and geographical data.

For easy media planning, the data are measured on the ad slots of Fashionoffice and its special channels only, because not all content pages on Fashionoffice are carrying advertising. Even the advertising inventories of the Fashion Feeds or the Mobile Site are not included. The eMail-Trendletter for example has no advertising slots at all.

The advertising inventory includes the formats 728x90, 120x600, 468x60, 300x250, 200x200, 120x240, 120x90. The standardised banners are running through the magazine’s channels on the URLs of Fashionoffice: beautyme.com (trends in beauty); confashion.com (broadband catwalk TV); fashion.at/ (fashion at culture, collections, design, foto…); styleradar.com, beautyradar.com (socio-cultural trend research); FashionAvigator.com (search in the magazine-group fashionoffice.org since 1996).

Get more information about the magazine’s history and its founders on sawetz.com.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us press@fashionoffice.org.

Media information, Fashionoffice:

May 2009
Fashionoffice update: interest-based advertising 
In April 2009 Fashionoffice has updated its terms of use according to the new technologies for delivering interest-based advertising by quantifying behaviour and interests as anonymous information

April 2009
User opinion about men, personal style, internet…

On occasion of the biannual Styletrends survey, Fashionoffice asks since 2003 magazine readers to make their opinion on special themes about fashion, beauty and today’s lifestyle and match their own decisions with other fashion experts...

April 2009
Where do fashion people come from to read Fashionoffice?

It became obvious that the users are reaching editorials mostly not from Fashionoffice's coversites or RSS, mobile sites...

Feb 2009
High-ranking pages on Fashionoffice

During the last six months Fashionoffice has monitored the interest of users with Google Analytics. The research on the favorite pages viewed by the users between 25 August 2008 and 25 January 2009...

Feb 2009
Fashionoffice publishes new statistical data about the circulation

From 25 August 2008 to 25 January 2009 Fashionoffice has collected new statistical data about the magazine’s circulation by using Google Analytics on a third-party standard server>

Feb 2009
Keywords used by the users to reach Fashionoffice
The Google Analytics results of the keywords used by the users to reach Fashionoffice over the last six months are an indicator for the interest selected themes/labels evoke online>

Jan 2009
Media after the Media Revolution
Fashionoffice is starting 2009 with new tools for editorials and advertising>

Jan 2009
Work Space at Fashionoffice.org
Fashionoffice is seeking for fashion, beauty and culture journalists>

Dec 2008
New Tools for Publishers and Media-Planning
How Fashionoffice.org extends reach> 

Dec 2008
The Trendletter, RSS and the mobile site of Fashionoffice.org
Editorial strategies> 

Oct 2008
Fashionoffice.org celebrates 12 years top-relevance in 'fashion'
10th anniversary of Google and the search in the oldest available Google-index>


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