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April 2009 - I: Political Fashion
April 2009 - II: The Power of Fashion for Identity & Status
April 2009 - III: Opinion about men, style, internet...

May 2009 - I: Designing the media, Zeitgeist of music

May 2009 - II: Fashion archives history, Your perfect design, The luxury of recycled trash
June 2009 - I: The Unexpected in Fashion, Art, Music, Life
June 2009 - II: Balance between Feminism-Fashion, Ergonomics-Fashion...
July 2009 - I: Traveling time has started - Munich, Dubai, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, London...
July 2009 - II: Building Fashion Brands; Trends FW9/10 & SS10

July 2009 - III: Street Style
Aug 2009 - I: Photography around the world, Urban nomad
Aug 2009 - II: Fashion e-commerce

Aug 2009 - III: Historical Moments in Fashion & Beauty

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New York based photographer Marilyn Minter was chosen alongside to painter Richard Phillips and illustrator Maira Kalman by MAC Cosmetics to visualize the new limited fall 2009 collection. Minter says in her interview on the website of MAC Cosmetics that she thinks that "...anything that gets wet starts getting sexy"...

The German jewellery brand Thomas Sabo presented the new collections on occasion of a press day in Vienna. Although it was the hottest day of the year, journalists even from magazines that are rarely represented at such 'work events' appeared to signalize their interest in the trendy and affordable products...

Since 22 August 1920, directors, musicians, actors, stage and costume designers are celebrating high theatre culture during midsummer at the Salzburger Festspiele in Austria. The festival, once founded by one of the most important theatre innovators of the 20th century, Max Reinhardt, the composer Richard Strauss, and stage designer Alfred Roller together with the director of the Vienna Hofoper Franz Schalk, offers a wide program of concerts, drama, and opera from 25 July until 30 August 2009.

MAC Cosmetics fall 2009
New York based photographer Marilyn Minter was chosen by MAC Cosmetics to visualize the new limited fall 2009 collection. Minter says in an interview that she thinks that "...anything that gets wet starts getting sexy"

Thomas Sabo FW2009/10
Vienna Insight by Karin Sawetz:
The German jewellery brand presented the new collections on occasion of a press day in Vienna. Although it was the hottest day of the year, journalists even from magazines that are…


Costumes at the Salzburger Festival
Interview with the Costume and Make Up Director Elke Wolter. Have you experienced that the costume designers at the Salzburger Festspiele are influenced by fashion?

Historical moments

fig.: 'Niema tego zlego coby na dobre nie wyslo' by Wiebke Siem, 2007. Photo: Hans-Goerg Gaul, Stefan Alber. © Neues Museum - Staatliches Museum für Kunst und Design in Nürnberg

Quiksilver summer 09 The boardshorts are originally designed in the 70s/80s during the new wave, post punk style. The pattern of 'The Standard' shorts are inspired by the Standard hotels in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Miami, NY. Inside, on the waistband you can find a Quik Tips City Guide...

fig. (right> detail): 'Showroom' by Goran Despotovski, 2004. The coats of the installation 'Showroom' are arranged like on a runway. The objects are equipped with a music mechanism providing sounds of situations that signify important stages in life such as birthday or wedding. The artist represents with the coats the moments of the absent human body and individual life. They look as if the former wearer had been interrupt during social interaction.

Wiebke Siem The Forger
The Neues Museum in Nuremberg shows the artist’s nightmarish fantasies and impressions from her childhood. She has developed a humorous story-telling technique by using clothes in sceneries like in a kitchen...

Historical moments


Quiksilver summer 09 
The US musicians Russell Simins & Dan The Automator are the 'Men without Pants'. They have delivered the music for the video from the launch of Quiksilver's re-issued series of men's boardshorts, originally designed in the 70/80s…

Historical moments

Goran Despotovski
The Serbian artist Goran Despotovski presents his installation 'Showroom' at the Künstlerhaus Graz. The artist's human-figures-dollies-clothes-coats are deleted tracks back, allegories of the recent history of the Serbian…

Historical moments


FASHIONOFFICE INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz Fortunately internet can be received in almost each country of the civilized world! Traveling time has started! Fashionoffice pre-travelled to give insights into some possible holiday-destinations: Paris, Dubai, Munich, Vienna

In 1958 Annemarie Lindner's cosmetic business was so successful that the East German government wanted to nationalize it. The German cosmetic pioneer had to flee with her family to the West. In 1959 she has started with the label Annemarie Börlind in West Germany again. On occasion of the brand's 50th anniversary, the founder Annemarie Lindner speaks about the history of the brand, her inspirations, the approach to beauty and health, and what ecological awareness has to do with 'Celebrity Red' lip color, dead lice and eatable ingredients.

by Karin Sawetz

odern communication tools have reached people globally. In this context, the art on the streets becomes a subject of interest for Fashionoffice. Let's go in front of the door!

Historical moments


Aramis 1974 - 2006
In September 2009, Estée Lauder releases the Aramis men's fragrance collection with the eight most beloved scents from the years 1974 to 2006. What are man's and woman's roles in the history of scents?

Historical moments

Annemarie Börlind 2009
n 1958, Annemarie Lindner's cosmetic business was so successful that the East German government wanted to nationalize it. Annemarie Lindner is talking about her brand, her inspirations…

Historical moments


(‘Short Messages’ from the cover of in chronological order)



  • Future design practices and sustainability. The Danish Design Center questions in the exhibition ‘it's a small world’ how designers will work in future to address global issues such as sustainability, new technology and consumption; running from 27 Aug 2009 until 31 Jan 2010. It is planned that the exhibition travels through Europe and US

  • Stage-premiere announced by MCA Chicago Zimbabwe born, in NY based dance artist Nora Chipaumire will perform with the musician Thomas Mapfumo alias the ‘Lion of Zimbabwe’ on 1, 3, 4, October. Nora Chipaumire is inspired by the art from Zimbabwe, such as Shona sculpture and Chimurenga music - art that results from the convergence of rural, urban, African, non-African, cultural, economic, colonial, and technological ideas. Watch the video-interview on

  • mija t. rosa presents FW09/10, entitled 'A Woman under the Influence' on 11 Sept at the Viennese WUK, choreography by Andrea Schmidt. Designer Julia Cepp has studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna/Professor Raf Simons. She creates images of women that stand for self-determination, freedom of action and against social barriers

  • Covermodel for one day! The retailer Esprit starts together with Canon the campaign 'Catch your Esprit moment’ on 27 Aug (runs until May 2010) on occasion of the next store-openings in Germany. A stylist und make-up artist will give you the covergirl-look. Your photo will be mounted into a fictive cover of a magazine

  • Just received the invitation to the opening of the 3rd Fotofestival Mannheim_Ludwigshafen_Heidelberg on 4 Sept. The curators and artists will tour to the seven places where the festival happens. It will be an ‘awareness travel’ to the construction of reality through the photographer’s eye. Invitation only!

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Aug 2009: Measuring editorial content and its effects on search engines

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July 2009: Brand building techniques by using SEO

Brand building lies in the hands of SEO specialists. Are there any measureable effects for public relations?






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