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Urban sport & art events

On 1 Sept 2010, the German headquartered European young fashion label with stores in 29 countries 'New Yorker' announces the arrival of the Paint Club at the Bicycle Film Festival in Vienna, Austria on 17 Sept 2010.

The two events are not coordinated to happen on the same places originally; it's a coincidence. The urban art event 'Paint Club' is supported by New Yorker and is on a Battle Tour from 8 to 28 September 2010 in 13 European cities where local artists will creatively match against each other; find videos about the cities' fashion and lifestyles on Illustrators, graphic designers, cartoonists, street artists are invited to sign up on

The Bicycle Film Festival has already closed the sign up option for 2010, but announces that the 2011 submission forms for movies that support the biking culture will be available on 1 November.

Since 10 years, the Bicycle Film Festival celebrates the growing urban bike movement with film, art, music. To name a few cities from the extensive tour list on Los Angeles (3 - 5 Sept), Denver (9 - 11 Sept), San Diego (9 - 11 Sept), Vienna (16 - 19 Sept), Santa Barbara (17 - 19 Sept) .... London (13 - 17 October) , Paris (5-7- Nov), etc.

On the website of the Bicycle Film Festival, the trailers of the films are posted, like the one of the directors Benny Zenga & Lucas Brunelle.

Video: 'Line of Sight', directed by Benny Zenga & Lucas Brunelle; the film is available on DVD

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