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Fruity, flowerish, green, and provocative

In August 2010, Fashionoffice started its Twitter realtime search on Fashion Weeks on the cover of the magazine.

After the end of Copenhagen Fashion Week (11-15 Aug), Norwegian designers show the new collections for SS2011 from 16 to 22 August at the Oslo Fashion Week.

Copenhagen - the city got global attention during the climate conference in December 2009, is a place where designers use the catwalk for the presentation of wearable edgy new collections with sportive touch like Munthe plus Simonsen did (video), as well as for performances with social intention.

Video: On 13 Aug 2010, stylist and creative director Simon Rasmussen presented his men's and women's collection with a catwalk performance that seems like a statement against the throwaway society. The catwalk looks like a garbage dump. Simon Rasmussen's pieces are designed and created out of recycled clothing. "The theme and inspiration for the show and the collection is taken from the street heroes - the homeless, the prostitutes, the crazy people, the ones, nobody want's to be around." writes Simon Rasmussen on his blog.

In Oslo, the kid & mother friendly Norwegian designer Fam Irvoll (graduate from Esmod international, Central St Martins London) presented her colorful, comic-alike, sculptural collection with models wearing speech-bubbles in a cartoon scenery with kids on 18 Aug 2010 (photos). Unfortunately there was at the time this article was written no video from the SS11 collection online. Enjoy in the meanwhile the nice presentation of Fam Irvoll's FW2010/11 on YouTube.

Motivated by the spontaneity of the Nordic designers, Fashionoffice looked through the information that was sent for editorial consideration and picked some pieces that appealed at the time of the search. The pieces on this page are not selected for fitting together and they have nothing else in common - except that they are looking nice.

One tells a global eco-story, the other one is practical for preparing healthy fills for kids' lunch-boxes...

fig. original:

'Quazar' set for women illustrated with flowers made of berry colored screen dots by Bruno Banani, FW2010/11.

Handmade origami brooch made from an antique Bartholomew map with a pink stone in the centre, designed by UK paper-jewellery artist Liz Hamman, seen at Pure Design. Manchester born Liz Hamman recycles paper from read books, used maps, sheets of music, etc. for objects that can be worn like jewellery. On her work process is described that she explores the "... contrasting qualities of value/non value, transience/longevity and to remember that the end of the book isn't necessarily the end of the story."

Lily Allen Classic Shopper in cotton, seen at Whatever it Takes. The motto of 'Whatever it Takes' is: 'merchandise with a meaning'. Even the bag by musician Lily Allen (became internationally known with her hit 'Fuck You') is a product from the charity artwork project '21st Century Leaders' to raise hope for the future. The aim is to support the protection of the environment and charitable projects.

Leatherlike devil pin up luggage tag, made by Fluff, seen at Lunacy. You can even find other pin ups on Lunacy. It is advised to choose a pin up that describes the wearer best: "Measurements will vary between each pin up girl."

Apple wedger by the British company The Pampered Chef. It is advised to make healthy lunchbox-fillers for kids as the 10 wedges appeal more appetising than the whole apple. Sounds like a simple trick!

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