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'Berkeley Girl' by Harper Simon

Romantic 70s folk-rock video premiere

By the end of August 2010, the 70s styled video 'Berkeley Girl' by Harper Simon premiered on Youtube. Actress/musician Jena Malone appears in the starring role in the love story that was written by Harper Simon to a friend. Director of the video is Benjamin Kutsko from the Los Angeles based artist/directors collaboration 'The Masses' (music clips, commercials and films) who was "... really excited to explore Echo Park as a character in this video, as well as the delicate balance that exists between two people whose relationship has moved from lovers to friends. Those are both ‘places’ where I have found some of my closest loves in this life! Shooting on film was important to me; the second the song begins, it is clear that Harper’s voice doesn't live in a digital world."

Harper Simon recorded his album in Nashville, New York and Los Angeles with a group of singer-songwriters and Harper’s own father, Paul Simon. The love song 'Berkeley Girl' by the US singer/songwriter Harper Simon from his self-entitled 10 track album was released in fall 2009 in North America, in spring 2010 worldwide.

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