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fall/winter 2010/11

by Peak Performance, Ludwig Reiter, Diesel, Pandora

beauty by Marionnaud

The chief forester

Just as all the images for the 'Hunting Style' were picked together, a music tip leaded Fashionoffice to the work of director Benjamin Kutsko for the band 'Fawnhawk'.

Originally, the 'Hunting Style' was inspired by an old Austrian country song about an illegal hunter who declared that he knows nobody and he never sees anybody. This way, he prevented to incriminate his friends.

This article should be a short story about equal rights in our society and that people have fought for these rights; like getting enough to eat by hunting in forests. But this was in the past and hunting nowadays can not be compared to times that have changed.

So the editorial plan was modified - at least because of the video 'Hunters Hide' by 'Fawnhawk'.

The debut video of Fawnhawk is shot in the woods of 'Big Sur' in California. It tells the story of two wolves, kids, and hunters in a fairy wood. The woman in the red cape is lead singer Peticia Le Fawnhawk. Director Benjamin Kutsko's work is described on the website of The Masses: "Inspired by the song’s lyrics, Kutsko began to weave together a story about the hunter and the prey and innocence lost." The wolves were casted with 'The Shadowland Foundation'. Shadowland's mission is to bring children and wolves together.

Video: 'Hunters Hide' by the California band 'Fawnhawk', directed by Benjamin Kutsko.

fig. original:

Woman dressed in jeans and pullover by Peak Performance, FW2010/11.

'Anni Crew' pullover in red color and blue animals by Peak Performance, FW2010/11.

'Eve' flannel shirt by Peak Performance, FW2010/11.

The outdoor label Peak Performance was founded in 1986. The pieces on this page are from the casual collection. They are inspired by the nature of the North, especially the North of Sweden.

'Merchant' bag by Ludwig Reiter, FW2010/11. The Austrian label Ludwig Reiter was founded 1885 in Vienna. The collections of shoes, bags, and leather accessories are inspired by the traditional Viennese style that is a mixture of the Austrian, Czech, and Hungarian culture; and some of the creations are even inspired from times when Venice (Italy) was under Austrian regency.

'Gourmand hand scrub' to keep your hands clean and the skin soft like silk by Marionnaud, FW 2010/11.

'Post Lux' is engraved into the artful manipulated denim jeans by Diesel, FW210/11. Photo: (C) Ivan Lattuada.

Charm made of Murano glass from the 'Moments' collection on a bracelet by Pandora, FW2010/11. The silver and gold charms below are from the same collection. The pieces can be arranged individually.

Women's boots 'Oberförsterin' which means as much as 'Female Chief Forester' by Ludwig Reiter, FW2010/11.

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