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Media information, August 2010

3 news from Fashionoffice

Media data ‘people’, ‘visits’, etc. in a new layout on the imprint
Fashionoffice has re-launched the layout of the magazine's statistical data delivered by Doubleclick, Feedburner and Quantcast.
The detailed reports about people, visits and impressions are delivered by Quantcast. The digital media measurement company is based in San Francisco and New York and works with data centers around the globe. Recently, Quantcast has gained the Media Rating Council (MRC) accreditation for its statistical online traffic measurement technology. The accreditation means that any audience measurement data from the Quantcast site is valid, reliable and effective. By clicking on the Quantcast badge, users will find additionally the IAB-compliant traffic report for Fashionoffice. The new layout provides a good overview about the statistics by Doubleclick and Feedburner. Fashionoffice’s media data are published on the magazine’s imprint.

Fashionoffice contributes an article about digital marketing/publishing to the Annual Multimedia 2011
Fashionoffice has got an invitation to write for the Annual Multimedia 2011; the article is about the ‘Memorized Data’-hypothesis.
Fashionoffice contributed on invitation an article to the next Annual Multimedia 2011 (publisher Metropolitan Verlag, Walhalla Verlagsgruppe, Germany). In the last 15 years, Fashionoffice has done continuous research on the reception and presentation of fashion online: from the FashionAvigator-study in 1995 to the ‘Memorized Data’-hypothesis in 2009 and the monthly collection of data from the user statistics. The ‘Memorized Data’-hypothesis was proved by statistical data which verified the assumption that publishers and advertisers have to calculate the impact of editorial content as well as online-campaigns with a new factor: un-progressive data. The article describes the research project from the beginning in 2006 until the last tests in early 2010.

PR, journalism, marketing at the Online-Media Academy
The Online-Media Academy announces new courses in online marketing, journalism and PR; details of the program on the learning platform
In early 2010, Fashionoffice publisher Dr. Karin Sawetz has founded the Online-Media Academy and makes current knowledge about online marketing, journalism and PR accessible to the public. Lecturers from psychology, legal sciences and practice, journalism, media and cultural sciences give insights into digital media with special focus on lifestyle and culture. The courses are held in German language in Vienna, Austria; financial support can be requested at (keyword: ‘Weiterbildungs-Tausender’). The program of the Online-Media Academy is published on the learning platform

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