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'Credit Card Babie$' by MEN
fall 2010

Political disco-punk

Brooklyn-based disco-punk band MEN began the US tour on 1 September in California; on 16 September, MEN will perfom at the SF MOMA in San Francisco, on 19 October the band - fronted by Le Tigre’s JD Samson, arrives in New York; details on

The New York Times called MEN's political dance-pop "full of dreamy post-disco: “Off Our Backs” recalls “Borderline”-era Madonna, and “Credit Card Babie$” is new wave agitation on the politics of procreation: “Raise our kids/Radical politics/Sontag in the crib."

Fashionoffice received the music tip with the words: "Combining politics with dance parties, art with activism, MEN shows reach a fever pitch. Their songs speak to issues such as wartime economies, sexual compromise, queer rights, and demanding liberties, all set to catchy danceable electronic pop beats that whip up the crowd into a dance-marathon frenzy with a crazed enthusiasm for both cherished and unfamiliar songs alike. MEN treat each show as an art project, sometimes asking local artists to paint a backdrop while they perform, or by using DIY cardboard-and-tippex props, including cut-out fists and banners printed with slogans like “SILENCE=DEATH” and “WHO AM I TO FEEL SO FREE”."

Video: 'Credit Card Babie$' by MEN

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