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summer 2010

It's hot in Europe and US

On 9 July 2010, Fashionoffice has layered temperature info provided by the Weather Channel over the Fashionoffice Map to get an overview where it's hot in Europe and US. By checking the weather, Fashionoffice located especially three cities with hot temperature and hot fashion: Paris, Berlin, New York.

fig.: Screenshot from the Fashionoffice Map on with the layer provided by 'The Weather Channel'; captured on 9 July 2010 early in the morning, Central Europe. It is forecasted that the temperatures are climbing up to more than 30°. In the last days, the high temperatures in New York have caused reports during prime time on TV news channels!

Haute Couture in Paris

Fashion channels are filled with information about the Haute Couture 2010/11 presentations by Christian Dior, Chanel, and hot news such as Dita von Teese in a couture skeleton-corsage on the stage of Jean Paul Gaultier. (More about the Jean Paul Gaultier show on the article by reporter Hilary Alexander whose editorial work about Haute Couture FW2010/11 is one of the favorite on Twitter.) To make it easier to find out what people are talking online about the Parisian scene, Fashionoffice has installed the Twitter realtime results for tweets on 'Haute Couture 2010/11' on its cover.

Streetwear and ready-to-wear in Berlin

While the Haute Couture addicted tweet on the shows in Paris, the pret-a-porter circus went on at Bread & Butter from 7 to 9 July 2010 where street- and sportswear from labels like G-Star or Nike are inviting to view the new spring/summer 2011 collections. At the same time, the Berlin Fashion Week (7 - 10 July 2010) shows signature German ready-to-wear. How to describe German ready-to-wear best? Probably this fits for most of the collections: German ready-to-wear is practicable and wearable like American fashion and tuned with a touch of French couture. Ideas for next summer by designers like Kilian Kerner (find information about the new collection on the article 'Inspiring stone and metal'), Jette Joop or former adidas designer Michalsky premiere in Berlin.

Refreshing boardsport news from New York

While the New Yorkers and Central Europeans are experiencing a 'heat wave', a New York based contact has sent Fashionoffice a refreshing beach video by US artist Cheryl Dunn. The video shows the latest collaborative collection of the boardsport label Quiksilver and the Standard hotels.

Video: Quiksilver and the Standard hotels collection 2010. New York based documentary photographer and filmmaker Cheryl Dunn has realised this video in Costa Rica. It gives an impression of the lifestyle from which the new collaborative collection (boardshorts, reversible bikini, sunglasses) of Quiksilver together with the Standard hotels is developed. The designs of the pieces are inspired by the different Standard hotel locations in Hollywood, Downtown LA, Spa Miami Beach, and New York. The collection comes in a limited edition of 250 pieces per design.

Cheryl Dunn's works were already exhibited in museums, galleries and shown at festivals like the Tribeca Film Festival. You can find more information on her website with videos running in full screen on the background

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