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Is there truth online?
"We will never see the truth around"
sings Matthew Bellamy in 'Uprising' on the new Muse-album 'The Resistance'.

Wherever these questions are leading you; never stop being a hunter of truth!

Probably we should follow the view of artists to find the truth:

Or look through the eyes of designers:

Video: 'Uprising' from the album 'The Resistance' (2009) by Muse. The band is on tour now: San Francisco, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney... to name a few

fig.: The self portrait is from summer 2009. You can see me sitting at the Danube in Vienna. I am wearing the 'Jägermeisterin' shirt. 'Jägermeisterin' means as much as 'female professional hunter'.

News from the Fashionoffice research desk According to, 40% of Fashionoffice's main domain traffic came in October 2009 from Pakistan. Alexa's measurement method with tools installed on computers of users are a good mean to control the usage of a website in addition to Quantcast or Google Analytics (tags installed on Fashionoffice's webpages). For example: the abuse on domain level (contrary to a hacked server) can not be pursued by analyzing server data because domain abuse does not happen on the server.

The significant expansion of user traffic from Pakistan on the domain ( and are directed to the same webspace) was reported as suspected domain abuse on 30 October 2009 to (Hosting Provider), (Austrian Registry), and (Computer Emergency Response Team Austria). On 3rd Nov, the Austrian CERT has affirmed that the technical premises for the measurements are reliable. The domain is free of abuse. CERT mentioned some reasons for the domain's popularity boom in Pakistan...(with new data from Alexa and Quantcast from Nov 2009).

Memorized data gain more attention
By comparing the high ranking pages from July, August, September, October and November 2009, Fashionoffice demonstrates that the ‘memorized’ articles from former years gain more attention by the internet and its users than most current content. And this despite the fact that new content is massively promoted on RSS Feeds, Mobile Sites, Trendletters, editorial teasers in the advertising slots, as well as through online and offline advertising.

In numbers: during the last month, solely the inventory pages (these are the pages that run with more than 90% teasers for new articles on Fashionoffice) had been delivered 798.000 times (Quantcast). In these numbers (>90% of 798.000 in 1 month) the contacts through RSS Feeds, Trendletters, Mobile Site and advertising on exterior media are not included. More than 4 million contacts during the last 5 months haven't changed the monthly statistics delivered by Google Analytics for high ranking pages. The most read articles on Fashionoffice tracked by Google Analytics are:



Fashionoffice's high ranking pages in November 2009.

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