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‘Flash On Week’ by Eley Kishimoto (17-18 September 2010, Shoreditch Studios, London)
The Anti Design Festival (18-26 September 2010, various venues, London)

From taste and style to experiment and risk

On 17 and 18 September 2010, the design duo Eley Kishimoto (Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto - both graduated in fashion, Mark Eley at Brighton Polytechnic and Wakako Kishimoto at St. Martins College of Art; they are contributing their prints to international clients like Alber Elbaz or Louis Vuitton) launch the ‘Flash’ Collaboration Projects at 'Flash On Week'. Products by Duvel or BMW Motorrad will get a makeover by the self-titled 'surface decorators'.

On the second day of the warm-up event 'Flash On Week', the Anti Design Festival in London starts. It is announced that from 18 to 26 September 2010, the "Anti Design Festival will bring anarchy, art and antagonism to the streets of London".

Neville Brody, director of the 10 days festival says: "We have forgotten why we are here. We have lost touch with what makes us tick, what drives us. That fire of creative possibility has started to die, and it is time to re-light it. The Anti Design Festival was born out of a need for change. A need for something new, ugly, scary and dangerous. We welcome no_use, no_function and no_fear. We welcome anarchy, without the stereotypical."

New approaches to sound, film, art, design, image, performance and writing to product, 3D, interiors, transmedia and interactive will be presented at events, exhibitions and interventions. One of the festival's mottos is 'from taste and style to experiment and risk'.

Video: Eley Kishimoto FW2010/11. Eley Kishimoto is also the name of the duo's own fashion brand. Before they have founded their own label, the designers had been creative directors of the French fashion house Cacharel.

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