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Kelis and Natalia Kills on Levi’s Curve Attack Tour
October 2010
(16 Oct Berlin; 17 Oct Hamburg; 19 Oct Munich; 20 Oct Vienna; 22 Oct Zürich. Details on

Music by women and the concept of female jeans

In early September 2010, Levi's announced the 'Curve Attack Tour' through German language cities with music acts by Kelis and Natalia Kills. At the same time, Levi's presented the new 'Curve ID'-jeans for women. The jeans are described to be made of a new concept for female jeans under the motto 'New custom fits for women'. It is announced that the new concept is not about sizes but about shapes. Levi's has researched women's needs and has found out that 3 body shapes represent 80% of women around the world (source:

US singer/songwriter Kelis' dance-music track 'Acapella' produced by David Guetta from her album 'Flesh Tone' (release May 2010) was one of the 2010 summer hits; it was already in April the favorite free video at US iTunes. Kelis has dedicated 'Acapella' to her son. The singer is known for her extraordinary outfits and hairstyles; but also for her punky-provocative songs such as 'Caught Out There' or 'Bossy' which have already got attention - even from feminists who love humour.

Actress, director and musician Natalia Kills (English born, raised in UK, Barcelona, Florida) is selected by Levi's for the underground, dark dance rhythm of the Curve Attack Tour. Her debut album 'Perfectionist' is announced to be released soon.

Video: 'Zombie' by Natalia Kills, released in June 2010. On YouTube, a user compares Natalia Kills with Lady Gaga and Rihanna: "Gaga brings fashion to Pop music, Rihanna brings toughness and strength, let Natalia bring a darker side to pop music. :]". The song 'Zombie' is about a boyfriend who never listened...

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