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Fashionoffice tracked by the most elaborated tools online in Dec 2009

Sources of the statistical data: Google Analytics, Quantcast, Alexa (compare the rankings May, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, and Dec)
Date: 30 December 2009

Result: On 30 December 2009, the traffic stats on show once again strong differing distribution data to the month before. Germany, the United States, Austria, or the UK are not listed by Alexa; Indonesia is with 17% the country where most of the users come from on, Turkey the most represented country with 12% on

The difference between Alexa and Google Analytics or Quantcast: Alexa is measuring the data on Alexa toolbars and collects them from diverse traffic data sources. Therefore, Alexa is a good mean to control the usage of a website in addition to Quantcast or Google Analytics which are both measuring the traffic with tags that are installed on Fashionoffice's webpages. For example: the abuse on domain level (contrary to a hacked server) can not be pursued by analyzing server data because domain abuse does not happen on the server itself.

There are many possible explanations for the results concerning traffic sources (Indonesia, Turkey). As CERT has assured in Nov 2009, there is no reason to be alerted - such as in the case of the expanded traffic from Pakistan which grew in Oct 2009 suddenly to 40%, as long as the domains of Fashionoffice show no significant reports on Google Analytics; the server delivers data obviously very consistent (data delivery in Dec 2009). Fashionoffice shows on Quantcast no changes in the country reports.

Fashionoffice's last alert: On 30 October 2009, has tracked that most of the (approximately 40%) come from Pakistan. ( and are directed to the same webspace.) Compared to the data from 30 Sept 2009 (ca. 40% from Germany and Austria), was this a significant change in the statistics. The high ranking of Pakistan in Alexa started in mid October 2009. The significant expansion of user traffic from Pakistan on the domain was reported as suspected domain abuse on 30 October 2009 to (Hosting Provider), (Austrian Registry), and (Computer Emergency Response Team Austria). On 3rd Nov, the Austrian CERT has affirmed that the technical premises for the measurements are reliable. The domain was free of abuse.

CERT mentioned some reasons for the domain's popularity boom during October 2009 in Pakistan:

  • In Pakistan are many price dumping textile manufacturers who are on the search for inspiration and models for re-cutting. High traffic from Indonesia and Vietnam would fit to this assumption, argued CERT.
  • Probably other fashion sites have been censored in Pakistan.
  • Or, another popular media has referred to
  • Probably one page has become so popular that it was sent by email.

Important note: From the start (early 2006) and through the years of monitoring traffic and its effects on rankings in search engines by using measurements of third-parties (Google, MSN, Alexa…), Fashionoffice has checked constantly together with official authorities for internet security and administration the reliability of the data delivered by the server of

Google Analytics: the most viewed pages in July 2009, Aug 2009, Sept 2009, Oct 2009, Nov 2009, Dec 2009, and in the 12 months of 2009
(compare the Alexa ranking from May 2009, Aug 2009 with the most viewed pages in July, Aug, Sept, Oct)

Note: The URL and are directed to the same webspace. about 'Traffic Rank': "The traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other, diverse traffic data sources, and is a combined measure of page views and users (reach)." Source:

On 30 Dec 2009, Germany, the United States, Austria, or the UK are not listed by Alexa; Indonesia is with 17% the country where most of the users come from on

30 Dec 2009 30 Nov 2009 30 Oct 2009 30 Sept 2009
  • 17.0% Indonesia
  • 82.7% OTHER


  • 20.2% Germany
  • 10.2% United States
  • 8.0% United Kingdom
  • 61.8% OTHER
  • 27.4% Germany
  • 14.1% Austria
  • 11.7% United States
  • 2.4% France
  • 43.9% OTHER


On 30 Dec 2009, Turkey is with 12% the country where most of the users on the URL come from.

30 Dec 2009 30 Nov 2009 30 Oct 2009 30 Sept 2009
  • 12.0%Turkey
  • 87.6% OTHER
  • 38.5% United States
  • 25.6% India
  • 36.2% OTHER
  • 35.0% United States
  • 15.0% United Kingdom
  • 50.0% OTHER


 tracks the inventory pages of Fashionoffice:
Inventory (impressions of 728x90, 120x600, 300x250, 200x200, 120x240, 120x90)*
*Data are measured on the ad pages of and its special channels (,,,,, only. Not all content pages are carrying inventory. The inventories of the Fashion Feeds or the Mobile Site are not included. The eMail-Trendletter has no inventory slots.


Country Uniques %
United States 23.27
Germany 7.62
Austria 6.42
United Kingdom 5.78
Korea, Republic of 4.90
Canada 2.77
Netherlands 2.36
Italy 2.35
China 2.19
India 2.08
Australia 2.07
France 2.03
Brazil 1.45
Russian Federation 1.40
Thailand 1.34
Turkey 1.33


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