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Album 'Love Remains' by How to Dress Well

R&B beats in an electronic affair

On 25 September 2010, Fashionoffice received the music video tip 'Lover's start' by 'How to Dress Well' from the album 'Love Remains' together with the information that CD and Vinyl formats will be available on 19 October; the vinyl format of the 14 track album 'Love Remains' will carry exclusively the bonus track 'Kidnap City'.

Video: 'Lover's start' is a romantic video showing footage from the movie 'Franz' with Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel in the main role on the French beach with two hand bags; in one of them he has birds which get their freedom again. 'Franz' (1971) is directed by the Belgian singer/songwriter Jacques Brel himself.

The album 'Love Remains' by 'How to Dress Well' was already released digitally on 21 September 2010. US musician Tom Krell aka 'How to Dress Well' was living a double life while working on the album; during day time, he has translated a book with a view on philosophy in times after Immanuel Kant; at night, he provided the spherical voice to his otherworldly compositions. Fashionoffice has received the album tip at first in early August 2010 with the words: "How To Dress Well does not say what his songs mean, but rather exposes the listener to a range of senses and sensations and invites them to discover or redefine their own emotional constellation in each song."

On 24 September 2010, Mark Richardson writes about the aesthetics of HTDW on "... somehow sounds halfway between a sample and a bad recording of hand claps in a bedroom; a sampled voice from elsewhere repeats through the track..."

Joshua Glazer ranks HTDW as one of '10 New Music Artists to Watch This Autumn' on "...ethereal haze of mutant beats and chilling vocal samples that will make your cat stand up in disconcert."

Video: Interview with How To Dress Well by Julianne Escobedo Shepherd on Fader, September 2010.

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