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by publisher Karin Sawetz
April 2010
Karin Sawetz is journalist, media researcher
and fashion scientist (Mag. Dr. phil.).

Fashionoffice has gone Green

Everyone has own strategies to reduce the 'Carbon Footprint'. Sometimes it is so easy - you don't even have to do anything for 'Low Carbon Culture'.

Fashionoffice has this fortune because it had outsourced some years before its technics to the US provider Globat who works together with data centers in Boston, Massachusetts (US) which are powered by 100% wind energy. Fashionoffice has received the certificate 'Green Site' on 18 March 2010 (screen shot).

It feels good to know that while you are using Fashionoffice, the environment stays safe.

And for this eco-friendly behaviour Fashionoffice has done not much - or better: nothing.

Fashionoffice server location
The technics of Fashionoffice (,,,,,,, is outsourced to a hosting provider with data centers in US, Massachusetts.

Now, you know that the data centers in US deliver the content from Fashionoffice very eco-friendly. But what happens on 'the other side' which is settled in Vienna, Austria, where the editorial and administrative work of Fashionoffice happens?

We also had been interested in that and looked closer: Fashionoffice is powered by the Verbund, the biggest Austrian electricity supplier and one of the top hydropower groups in Europe. Verbund is leading among European companies with the highest share of electricity from renewable energies; in 2008, 88% came from hydropower. Verbund plans to extend the usage of renewable energy (water, wind and solar energy) consequently. It looks here pretty 'Green' too!

Both - the US provider and the Austrian source for electricity are bringing 'Green' from outside into Fashionoffice's working area. But even inside, Fashionoffice tries to practise the 'Low Carbon Culture'. Fashionoffice has started already in 2004 with an eco-friendly in-house behaviour and has began to reduce printing. By changing our behaviour from printing everything apparently important into first saving it on digital devices, reduced not only the costs for paper and cartridges, we are influencing positively the ozone layer by keeping the air clean at Fashionoffice.

These are small steps; but summarize the effects!

Most viewed articles in March 2010
In January 2010, Fashionoffice has announced that the organisation has stopped its investment into the statistical analysis and technical checks* - even with official authorities, for extending its editorial focus especially on young talents and music. But furthermore, we will not hide the results of the statistical data reports to give you an insight into the ranking of the articles with the most views.
*In January 2010, Fashionoffice has finished its researches on statistical data from and about the magazine domains. The result is - in short words - that data from different sources are not replicable. Details about the studies on traffic, keywords etc. delivered by Alexa, Google Analytics and Quantcast are published on

The statistics of the different media Web, Mobile, and Feeds give an insight into user preferences. The Trendletter is not tracked by a statistical tool because it hasn't any slots for the delivery of advertising.

Ranking of the most viewed editorial pages between 27 February - 29 March 2010, data by Google Analytics (the bold fonts signify articles from the last 12 months; the others are from the respective month-year):

Fashionoffice server location The technics of Fashionoffice (,,,,,,, is outsourced to a US hosting provider with data centers in US, Massachusetts.




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