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Laurie Anderson 'I in U / Eu em Tu'
12 October - 26 December 2010
Centros Culturais Banco do Brasil (São Paulo)

Languages and the meaning of words

From 12 October to 26 December 2010, US multimedia artist and musician Laurie Anderson's work with focus on the meaning of words and languages will be presented under the title 'I in U / Eu em Tu' at the Centro Cultural Banco do Brazil (CCBB) in São Paulo. It is announced that the videos, installations, photographs, drawings, music and documentations of performances and films from the 70s up to our times will travel after December 2010 to the CCBB in Rio de Janeiro.

Laurie Anderson became internationally renown for her album 'Home of the Brave' (1984), which was performed by the music-artist together with musicians like Adrian Belew (from 'King Crimson') in multimedia-sceneries on stage (watch the video 'Language is a virus').

Laurie Anderson's most recent music-visuals-puppets-installation 'Delusion' about desire, memory and identity is part of the exhibition 'I in U / Eu em Tu'. Visitors are invited to explore the relationship between individuals and society.

"At the heart of Delusion is the pleasure of language and a terror that the world is made entirely of words." citation found on the artist's website

Video: Exhibition-trailer for Laurie Anderson 'I in U / Eu em Tu', 12 October - 26 December 2010 at
Centros Culturais Banco do Brasil (São Paulo)

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