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Robot Dreams
9 October – 20 February 2011
Kunsthaus Graz, Austria (Coproduction with Museum Tinguely, Basel)

Robots and the programmed perception of our world

Canadian artist Jessica Field's robot installation 'Semiotic Investigation into Cybernetic Behaviour or SICB' (2004) is part of the exhibition 'Robot Dreams' from 9 October to 20 February 2011 at the Kunsthaus Graz in Austria.

Visitors can explore with the works of artists from US (Jon Kessler) Germany (John Bock), Austria (Thomas Baumann), Australia (Kirsty Boyle), Japan (Nam June Paik)... "the political, social and artistic implications of new intellectual ideas associated with robots as the android automatons originally conceived solely as mankind’s drudges," Kunsthaus Graz.  

Video: 'Semiotic Investigation into Cybernetic Behaviour or SICB' (2004) by the Canadian artist Jessica Field (born 1978). The installation consists of four cybernetic machines made of metal, plastic, motion sensors, computer, two data walls, and software written by the Jessica Field. The artist has given the two robots the names Alan and Clara. It's a theatrical piece about the perception of our world and the 'proper' behaviour as an reaction to the environment. "Clara and Alan are programmed to observe their environment; the results of their analyses are then fed back directly to create changing frames of mind." Kunsthaus Graz. Details about the project on

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