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fall/winter 2010/11

fashion by Dirk Bikkembergs, Jockey, Alpha Industries, Dominic Walmsley
beauty by Davidoff, Veld's
toy by Budkins
sweeties by Milka

Man on travel ... with a kid.

Fashionoffice searched for kid's entertainment tools and for men's lifestyle pieces that express one essential male characteristic for such travels: endurance.

fig. original:

Man in black/red leather jacket, dark grey trousers, black leather gloves, and black travel bag, all pieces by Dirk Bikkembergs Sport Couture, FW2010/11. The jacket is inspired by contemporary sport biker jackets with protective upholstering details. It's an exceptional design inspiration that is rarely seen on runways. While most designers are re-interpreting classical biker jackets from the last century, Dirk Bikkembergs transfers the MotoGP into urban men's wear.

Deodorant stick 'Champion' by Davidoff, available since September 2010. The idea behind 'Champion' is that mental power is as important as physical. The packaging is an abstraction of a physical trainings tool, which is additionally visualized with the illustration of a weight on the frontside. The abstracted trainings tool stands for a daily ritual that empowers mind and body. The scent of 'Champion' is created to activate the senses.

'Age Killer' by Veld's, seen in FW2010/11. It is described that the 'Age Killer' gel acts like an 'electro shock' on the skin and enhances its elasticity.

Red/black underwear from the 'USA Concept'-line by Jockey, FW2010/11.

Boot with hole in the heel from the 'B-side' collection by Dirk Bikkembergs, FW2010/11. The boot is a re-edition of the original 90s footwear by Dirk Bikkembergs.

Creamy milk-chocolate snowman from the winter-collection for kids by Milka, FW2010/11.

Jacket 'Kids Explorer' for girls and boys with fake fur on the hood by Alpha Industries, FW2010/11. Photo: Alpha Industries. This season, Alpha Industries presents 10 unisex-models for kids.

'The Notch Ring' by jewellery designer Dominic Walmsley, seen in FW2010/11 on 'The Notch Ring' is originally a wedding ring. "Some say that marriage is a life sentence, so why not celebrate in your own unique way by counting down the years with our ‘Notch Ring.’ Every year you survive we will hand carve another notch into your ring free of charge. Why not reward yourself for every 5 years and add a small diamond for £50," promotes the label the Notch Ring.

'Red Knight Rhys' is a wooden toy of 10cm height, suitable from 3 years up by Budkins, seen in FW2010/11 at Budkins is a producer of wooden toys. On Budkins' website, the red knight Rhys has an own profile with birthday, favorite color (red) and description of his character: terrifying.

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