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by publisher Karin Sawetz

March 2010

Fashionoffice Map

The Fashionoffice map, a Google map with interesting fashion points worldwide, is the new social media feature on Fashionoffice. The map can be used on users' websites as well as fashion points from other maps can be imported.

The Fashionoffice map can be embedded into a website. Or, you can set a hyperlink to the map in general or to a selected point; certainly, the link can also be sent by email.

The RSS data feature makes this map so practical! The RSS data can be uploaded into another personalized map. For example: if you have an own map on Google, you can import the data from the Fashionoffice map with interesting fashion points worldwide.

In January and February, Fashionoffice has received many show schedules for the fashion weeks in Paris, London, New York etc. Unfortunately time is limited at Fashionoffice and we couldn't publish all the interesting information that was sent. But now, Fashionoffice can integrate Google map RSS into the magazine; we hope that this new service provides a better overview when a fashion week happens anywhere so that designers, the shows, and showrooms can easily be found.
You are invited to send us your Google map!

Last month, Fashionoffice has announced that the organisation has stopped its investment into the statistical analysis and technical checks* - even with official authorities, for extending its editorial focus especially on young talents and music.
*In January 2010, Fashionoffice has finished its researches on statistical data from and about the magazine domains. The result is - in short words - that data from different sources are not replicable. Details about the studies on traffic, keywords etc. delivered by Alexa, Google Analytics and Quantcast are published on

The Fashionoffice map points are mostly connected to editorial articles or directly to music videos:

The most viewed articles on Web and Mobile; the most viewed/clicked FashionFeeds
For this month's Web and Mobile page rank, we have sampled 2 weeks from February to point out once more that we are not summarizing the page impressions since 1996; we are counting the page impressions that occur on the server of Google Analytics from selected dates (15 to 28 Feb 2010). The Fashion Feeds statistics by Feedburner show for February 2010 views and clicks for content that is not on our server any more. The Web statistics from 15 to 28 February are dominated by content from former years.

The statistics of the different media Web, Mobile, and Feeds give an insight into user preferences. The Trendletter is not tracked by a statistical tool because it hasn't any slots for the delivery of advertising.

WEB/MOBILE: Ranking of the most viewed editorial pages between 15 Feb 2010 to 28 Feb 2010, data by Google Analytics (the bold fonts signify articles from the last 12 months; the others are from the respective month-year):

Fashionoffice server location The technics of Fashionoffice (,,,,,,, is outsourced to a hosting provider in US, Massachusetts.




  1. /menstyle2-2010.php
  2. /urbansportstyle2-2010.php
  3. /patternid2-2010.php
  4. /dirkbikkembergs2-2010.php
  5. /bonin2-2010.php
  6. /pinkstyle2-2010.php
  7. /taschen2-2010.php
  8. /mak2-2010.php
  9. /airfashionshow2-2010.php
  10. /glassesusa5-2009.php
  11. /beachstyle2-2010.php
  12. /karinsawetz3-2010.php
  13. /madridfashion2-2010.php
  14. /personalstyle2-2010.php
  15. /spacedesign2-2010.php
  16. /identityapparel2-2010.php
  17. /infash9-2009.php
  18. /neilbarrett1-2010.php
  19. /dresscode10-2009.php
  20. /parajumpers12-2008.php

Ranking of the Fashion Feeds (from 30 Jan to 28 Feb 2010; data delivered by Feedburner) after views and clicks:


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  18. Web, Mobile, Feeds, Trendletter
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